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Brilliance from the young author Shreyans Kanswa reinforces the relevance of Buddha even in 21st Century

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There are some concepts and some persons who are time tested and who remain relevant forever. Buddha is one such person. Many stories had already been written about him and many will surely be written in future. Out of all these literary pieces, the ones which stand out are the ones where the author could crack the formula of a perfect balance – a perfect balance of being preachy and staying contextual simultaneously. The young and dynamic author Mr. Shreyans Kanswa seemed to have cracked this formula pretty nicely. He not only delved deep in a concept which is a mix of philosophy and drama but also did a pretty fascinating job about it.

Any reader who is looking for an insightful and enriching book to read must give this book a try. ‘21st century Buddha’ by Shreyans Kanswa will enrich and entertain the readers simultaneously.

So, go ahead and grab a copy of ‘21st century Buddha’ by Shreyans Kanswa at the earliest.    

Pixelgeometry Design Studio » Brilliance from the young author Shreyans Kanswa reinforces the relevance of Buddha even in 21st Century


A young man is about to commit suicide. But death seems to elude him. Instead, it beckons to him in some other form. Death not of self but someone else. Yes, he becomes a mute witness to a murder.
Is it a spur of the moment murder or is it some deep conspiracy? Who is the mastermind behind it?
As such thoughts swirl his mind and he tries to unravel the mystery behind the murder, he begins a chase. This chase, unexpectedly, unites him with the woman of his dreams and as fortune would have it, leaves him with loads of unexpected wealth too.
So, what he is he going to do now, start a new life with his lady love and new-found riches and abandon the chase and thoughts of suicide?
Or, renounce all this wealth and worldly pleasures and become a new-age Buddha? Is all this going to be so easy?
To know all this, flip through the pages of the book 21st century Buddha.

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