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Non-Traditional Networking

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Finding things in common with others will allow you to create rapport with them. It is often said that birds of a feather flock together, the same holds true for people too! We join clubs and organizations because we want to be with people who have similar interest, it makes us feel more comfortable.

Joining clubs can be a great way to build your network. When you network with the attitude of Givers Gain you will find that you are able to build relationships with a variety of people that have a common interest. Think about all of the clubs, groups and associations that are out there, from Dog Breeds, Car Clubs, Fan Clubs, Sports Clubs, Knitting, Running and so on and so on. You get the idea, join a club and get to know people. Here are 3 ideas for finding organizations that will have like minded people in them.

  1. Follow Your Passions – What is it you love to do when you have free time. Is it organic gardening, showing your dog, working on cars, running marathons, knitting, painting or reading, there are clubs for all of these activities and anything else you can think of. Find one and start going to the meetings. My niece is very shy, recently she joined a writers group, now she cannot wait to meet with her fellow club members to discuss writing and she has made some great friends and contacts that will go into her network of people she knows and trust.
  2. Follow Your Business Interest – Are you a member of the association that represent your business? There is an association for just about everything. I am a member of the National Speakers Association, it is a great place for me to learn from other experts and develop a network of other talented speakers that I can call on when I need help. Find an association to get involved with. Do more than just join, every association has volunteer opportunities.  Make a name for yourself and get involved.
  3. Follow Your Belief System – regardless of your religion there is a place for you to be involved. My daughter is on the board at her church and she has made very valuable connections there. It is not the reason that she is there, but there are people there that she knows, likes and trust so business happens. Finding people that have a similar belief system as yours allows you to build a deeper relationship and trust develops. These are great contacts to have in our network, they care about you and what you do.

If the traditional concept of networking makes you cringe, take another look. Networking happens all the time, we share information, connections, ideas and support, that is what networking and developing a network is all about, don’t let yourself scared into your cave, get out and find a place that fits you and your style.

Source by Hazel Walker

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