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What Makes a Good Quality Writer?

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This article is dedicated to Jane Yolen and Ray Bradbury (in memoriam).

A good writer writes something which is, by definition, challenging. He tests your ideas or beliefs. He challenges your vocabularies and personal history.

He challenges our comfortable morality. He challenges our linearity. He challenges our basic ideas about language.

A good writer passes on knowledge or wisdom to readers. He helps you to grow as a person. He helps you to connect more deeply with yourself. He reveals the truth about something.

A good writer creates something wonderful or artistic. He writes something meaningful or significant. He helps you navigate reality.

A good writer is honest with himself. He is sometimes irritant. You can’t stop thinking about his opinions. He makes you remember home, summer, pets, and county fairs. He hurts your ears. He finds the boundaries of your heart. He speaks out of his convictions. He tells a story truthfully. His stories keep you young.

He is not a grammarian. He is seductive.

A great writer will change you forever. You can hear his characters.

His stories lift you above the mundane world. His writing has a lovely limpid quality.

He tells you a secret. You’ll hold conversations with him on the bus stop. He visits you in your dreams. He helps you to find your own voice.

He is the perfect librarian. The perfect editorialist. The perfect anchor news.

He chronicles our time.He thinks about our future. He breaks the rules.

He always asks “what if… “

He mixes with love.

He leads you into the clearing where the magician appears. He is the magician. He is a healer.

He usually writes with one or more cats nearby.

He teaches you to be free to experiment with new things and associations.

The great writer is your grandma.

His brain is smart, but his heart and gut are wise. You listen to the great writer. He helps you to solve problems and dilemmas.

He is a good companion. He is funny. Sometimes he is weird and incongruous. But just for fun.

He never bores you. He shows rather than tells. He provides you with a full-fledged experience. He is dynamic, energetic, and vital.

You will construct a constantly new mental image of the world through his words, feelings, and ideas.

He helps you to see a difference between the words. He offers you a genuine experience. He does not look for a consensus of opinion.

Surely, he provides you with a rewarding experience.

So, he/she takes your breath away.

In essence, he/she rocks your world!

Source by Marco A. Bomfoco

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