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Client Testimonials

AMAZING job and so nice to work with. Super impressed with the creative design of logo!!!

Jeff Farley

Owner, Trade in the Zone

Hands on the Future has been very pleased with outcome of its website animation developed through The flexibility, patience and attention to detail showed me that they are serious about their work. Additionally, the end result is something that they should be proud to present to World Wide Web.

Kevin Dickens

Art Director, Hands on the Future

They provided a design that fit well which our desired image and message. They always had a response within 24 hours and were able to understand the requests and over come language issues (a problem with other creatives).

Matt Prazenka


Icon design, logo design. Very quick to respond and good at interpreting complex creative feedback.

Lara Pascoe

IntegrationWorks USA

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Is this one time payment only?

Yes. You will pay only $1950 for the entire year. No extra cost. All services are included for entire year with no extra cost.

How to Pay for this Subscription?

We use Secured PayPal Payment Gateway for all transactions. If you are not able to pay using the website paypal button, just email us at [email protected] and we can generate an PayPal Invoice and send it to your email ID.

Which services are included Free with this subscription?

Please visit the Pricing page and see all services which are included in the Subscription. No extra charge for 1 year including Web Design, Web Hosting and Web Maintenance.